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Coping with complexity and complex change is often a leader’s most pressing challenge. They are addressing escalating complexity in an environment that is more turbulent, uncertain and interconnected. Incremental change is no longer sufficient in a world that works in fundamentally different ways. Leaders are shaking up their business models and ways of working to remain competitive.

Those that prosper in an increasingly complex world find ways to harness complexity for greater efficiency, innovation and growth. They foster creativity at every level. They embrace new approaches to better understand, interact with and serve their customers. They make their organizations smarter, faster, and more flexible so they can use complexity to their advantage. We help those leaders tap unharnessed creativity, connect with customers in new ways, and operate with speed and flexibility. We help them turn complexity into financial advantage.

Reinventing Customer Relationships

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Is re-igniting customer interest and loyalty a top priority? It begins by understanding the customer's “quest” and “following the customer” throughout their experience. It requires extracting previously undiscovered insights and applying them to deepen connections and create new customer relationships.
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Connecting with customers calls for hearing the voice of the customer, often buried in vast amounts of data, at every touchpoint. It means discovering what customers value and creating metrics to measure their experience. Organizations must work to synchronize their processes with the desired customer experience. They must also deliver that experience without disruption, hassles or roadblocks. Finally, they can create new customer value by co-innovating with customers.

Embodying Creativity
& Innovation

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Successfully navigating complexity demands that Leaders foster imagination, not just for the creative types in siloed departments, but throughout the organization. Equipping organizations to be a catalyst for creativity permits everyone to contribute to game-changing innovations. Navigating complexity demands radical thinking and execution, not just marginal improvements to existing practices. (read more)

Creativity and breakthrough thinking fuel innovation to create disruptive products, processes and customer experiences. By strongly encouraging experimentation, leaders can transcend the status quo. We help our clients embody creativity to leapfrog beyond tried-and-true management approaches and take advantage of currently untapped opportunities.

Building Operational

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Building operational dexterity requires designing for ultimate speed and flexibility. Organizations can simplify products and services, sometimes by masking complexity. They must pursue simplification that extends beyond Lean processes and easier-to-use products to include more useful and streamlined interactions with customers. (read more)

By untangling the “process spaghetti,” organizations can identify value-creating processes, remove untenable dependencies, and eliminate waste. The result is elegantly simple products, services and customer interactions. Organizations will gain ability to execute rapidly because they have simplified for speed and rapid execution time.
What is Your Quest?

Even though organizational complexity seems to be at an all-time high, research indicates that it is still rising. This rise is driven by both internal and external factors, such as massive interconnectedness and social media. Every leader who faces increasing complexity is challenged to take risks, disrupt legacy business models, and leapfrog business-as-usual management approaches. (read more)

Navigating complexity requires taking your organization on a quest — a journey of transformation to create an organization that can thrive on complexity. Some quests are large while others are modest, but they all take the organization into uncharted territory, present daunting obstacles, and demand a breakthrough or a series of breakthroughs. Your organization will explore, experiment and ultimately apply radically new ideas. Because every quest is unique, there is no standard toolbox or a paint-by-numbers proven path.

At Benson Consulting, we view our role as helping you engage your organization, providing tools for your quest, guiding you as you navigate the journey, and assisting with the application of your discoveries. When it comes to the organizational quest, we literally wrote the book.
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